We have launched

Welcome to the new blog of Digitisation.io, the new name for Scan Data Experts!

Our aim is to make your digitisation projects simpler and more effective. We do this by providing you with impartial advice, helping you plan your projects and giving you tools and resources that help you begin and manage your project, whether you’re beginning digitisation for the first time, or an experienced hand.

We’ve been doing digitisation for many years. With a combined 40+years experience we have learnt a lot about digitising cultural collections, and we’re still learning. We want to share that experience with cultural organisations, large and small.

We believe there are better ways to manage digitisation. We want digitisation to be regarded in the same way as collections management; as a discipline of a museum, embedded into its daily routines, and not as it currently is; a huge barrier in terms of principles, practice, resources and technicality.

Yes, digitisation is a broad set of often very technical activities, with differing capture methodologies and standards that need to be understood, but with the right approach, most cultural heritage organisations can succeed. If your organisation has understood and applied collections management practices, is following the required standards for collections care, arrangement and description and is working with metadata, then we believe you have the capability to make digitisation work for your organisation. Even if your organisation is doing all these things for the first time, or has little financial resource and experience, then we still believe there’s a way to help you meet your digitisation needs and reach out to your communities and audiences.

As we grow our services, we’ll be putting more content and resources here on our blog, our Newsletter, our website and our social media channels.